human hair extensions

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair. But unfortunately, some men have to come across baldness and thinning of hair. Due to the cycle of nature, the baldness and hair thinning might sound kay with men but for the woman, it can be their worst nightmare. The beauty of women is quite dependent on their hair and the hairs are one of the beautiful features of every woman. This is the reasons that from centuries woman is always caution about their hairs. This is the reason that we can see thousands of hair products for woman. But still, there is some situation which needs more discreet solution then shampoos or conditioner. The hair extension can be said as one of that solution. The hair extension has been around from a long time now and it is now very common and popular. There are multiple types of the hair extension from natural to synthetic. But here we will be talking about the two most popular hair extensions

  • Remy Human Hair extension
  • Tape hair extension

Botha re equally good but it comes to user preference that which one they choose. The distinctive features of both are;

Remy Hair extension:

In Remy hair extension, the real human hairs are used. The human hairs are acquired to form different donors around the globe. The top hair providers countries are India, Brazil, Peru. As in Remy Human hair extension, the real human hair is used, so nobody can detect the difference between the original hair and extension. The dyeing of the extensions is usually done to match the shade with original hairs. The Remy Human hair extension is the best solution because they don’t need any extra care, you can just maintain them as regular hair. The life of Remy Human hair extension is around 9-12 months, after that, you need to replace them. The Remy Human hair extension is comparatively expensive, especially the Virgin Hair extension cost around several hundred dollars. 

Tape hair extension:

As the name suggested the Tape hair extensions are being attached with other hairs with help of tape. The tape is virtually invisible, so no one can detect that you have worn the hair extension the good thing about Tape hair extensions is that they are flat and smooth. Also, after getting attached with original hairs, the hair extension grows in size and volume. The Tape hair extension is easy to maintain and can easily be worn, so if you are a busy woman having less time for the saloon, then you must be opting for Tape hair extensions. You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have common hair colour because the Tape hair extensions in brisbane are also available in a wide range of shades. 


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